Saturday, December 6, 2014

Breakfast With the King

Brand new for 2015!

"Within this book you will find 365 brief, devotional readings, each full of Biblical truth. A book that meets the demands of a busy twenty-first century, while fulfilling the Biblical principle, "Let thy words be few." They are like David's one small stone, to be used to bring down the giants we face in our daily lives. Sure to stimulate your thinking and warm your heart."

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spilt Milk and other thought provoking essays

Spilt Milk and other thought-provoking essays
This book consists of 54 brief, thought-provoking essays, written by a man who has served God for well over fifty years as a pastor, missionary, evangelist, and conference speaker. His son, P. Andrew Sandlin, who is also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and president of the Center For Cultural Leadership, has written, "This is not so much a book as it is the written reflection of a man's character. It breathes a spirit of divine intoxication, uncompromising trust in God and his Word, hatred for everything that stands between God and man, and a white-hot sense of God's presence. There are few books like this written these days because there are few men still alive like this these days."

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Friday, October 21, 2011

At the Tea Table

These thirty-one short chapters, one each designed to be read daily for a month, comprise some of the most Biblically rooted, commonsensical advice a Christian woman these days is likely to encounter. Male emasculation and irresponsibility, sexual egalitarianism, radical feminism, and devotional and theological compromise have sold Christian women into bondage. These chapters represent older, and paradoxically, more relevantly Biblical thinking about Christian women and their calling in God’s world. Nourishment in these readings will liberate Christian women from enslavement to false cultural promises of liberation.

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